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About Us
About IPEX

IPEX started in 1912 when Hajj Omar Mneimneh established the National Press, which was located in Marce-lias Street, Downtown, Beirut. He started the process of printing for major local newspapers which are still existing till today, such as "Al Nahar”, "Al Hayat”, and "Al Hadaf”, "Al Huda”, "Al Yawm”, and "Al Sahafa Fi Al Taeh”.
In 1934, Hajj Omar signed a contract with the great journalist Mr. Jobran Toueni as was stated in "Al Nahar” newspaper to start printing ''Al Nahar'' Newspaper. After that in 1936, the press moved to "Ayyas” market to print the first edition of "Al Hayat” newspaper. Since then IPEX has been holding the biggest double sided printing machines designed for such uses.

In 1951, the the new generation printing emerged when Issam Omar Mneimneh joined his father in the journey to develop the press in a new base located in Bashoura. The press was equipped with the first printing automated machines, known as Heidelberg. In 1965, Issam started a new stage in sorting and printing books using the Intertip and the Monotib, in addition to the colored commercial prints.

After this long journey, it was the grandchildrens' turn to continue what their grandparent had started. Accordingly, they started working with their father on the Offset Machines. In 1998, IPEX thrived further when it was equipped with latest advanced machines and computers for designing, sorting, and covering books & magazines, including various kinds of commercial, colorful printings.

IPEX is continuing to expand and develop to keep up with the technological advancement worldwide. It is now considered now as one of the best five Press Printing Associations in Lebanon, comprising of Ipex Printing Press and Ipex Graphics and Digital Center.